Get to know Gerard, one of the project leaders at Bruco Integrated Circuits

Get to know Gerard, one of the project leaders at Bruco Integrated Circuits

When did your start working at Bruco IC?

After I finished my studies at the University of Twente I started in the field of integrated optics. A major reorganization forced me to look around and at that time Bruco was looking for engineers. I joined Bruco in 2001 and started as all-round electronic engineer. After some years I picked up more and more project management activities and for the last 12 years I’m a full-time project manager. Also, I’m a team leader of the project managers working at Bruco.

What is so interesting in IC design?

As a project manager, I see a lot of different aspects of the challenges companies struggle with. The innovative solutions the teams comes up with to get the work done surprises me every time. Being a part of that team and seeing that the engineered solution is fulfilling its task is a very satisfying experience.

What’s a typical day at work like?

The alignment of activities, not only within a project but also within Bruco, requires a lot of talking. Sometimes in meetings but also a conversation at a desk of one of the colleagues can do the job. So, this is a big part of my work. Besides that, I like to visit customers to discuss the status of the project or visiting potential customers with the account manager and engineer and try to find out how we can help them and solve their problem.

Why should people choose for Bruco IC as an employer?

Everybody’s door is open for a talk, technical or non-technical, from CEO to administration. I grew here as a person thanks to good accompaniment and the possibility to choose my own career path. Making errors is allowed. It’s part of the learning process.



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