Get to know Rutger, one of the bright minds behind Bruco Integrated Circuits

Get to know Rutger, one of the bright minds behind Bruco Integrated Circuits

When did you start working at Bruco IC?

I went to Bruco IC for my internship in 2014. When I finished my Bachelor in Engineering, in 2015, Bruco asked me to join the company as Junior Digital Backend Designer. Digital frontend and analogue backend were interesting additions to the hard skills.

What is so interesting about IC design?

The low level of IC design is the most interesting part for me. Designing an IC is not only linking components together to develop a proper system. You have to deal with different aspects of IC design such as technologies, signal integrity, parasites and testability. We are developing systems on micro/nanometer scale, and the way of thinking is completely different compared to a discrete design. This motivates me!

What’s a typical day at work like?

It varies from day to day. Mostly I work on several activities and/or projects. I am facing new challenges and am I learning more and more every day. An example of what I’m currently working on is an analogue design. It is an operational amplifier, of which I am designing the analogue layout. This building block requires a lot of matching and symmetry as the unity gain must be very high.

Why should people choose for Bruco IC as an employer?

At Bruco we have the freedom to plan out our day by ourselves. With flexible hours, good opportunities for self-development and training possibilities, it is a pleasant company to work for. All employees are involved in Bruco’s future and way of working. And above all; we have fun together!



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