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Core expertise


In the world of electronic communication there is an ever increasing need for speed. We have a broad experience with all sorts of communication solutions, wired and wireless.

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Integrated Power

In our everyday life the amount of electronics around us keeps increasing. Along with this, increase concerns about energy consumption, greenhouse gases and global warming rise as well. This makes efficient energy conversion a global challenge. From our very start, Integrated Power Convertors has been a key expertise for Bruco, in all sorts of applications; from automotive, industrial and consumer to medical markets. 

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Development Services

With our skills and broad experience, Bruco can help you creating your turn-key electronic solutions that fit your specific requirements. From feasibility study to production & delivery.

  • Determine the preliminary requirements
  • Define study items based on risk assessment
  • Setup project environment
  • Determine technology
  • Investigate study items
  • Finalize specification and crosscheck with requirements
  • Determine project boundaries
  • Physical implementation of the design
  • Validate the design against specification
  • Carry out review procedures
  • Check the layout against the design rules
  • Finalize design for first fabrication
  • Arrange fabrication start at the foundry
  • Prototyping first samples
  • Deliver wiring diagrams (WIDI)
  • Test program development
  • Correlate production test with bench test results
  • Define load board and probe card
  • Carry out package qualification (e.g. bHAST, TC)
  • Carry out product qualification (e.g. ESD, HTOL)
  • Optimize test program
  • Optimize test limits
  • Official product release
  • Production ramp up
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RF Laboratory

At our lab facility in Nijmegen we characterize state of the art RF devices. By using fully automated test benches we are able to minimize the turnaround time without compromising on the characterization of the device under test (DUT).  We can perform measurements over voltage, temperature, RF input power and other tests such as Absolute Maximum Rating (AMR) and Electrical Overstress (EOS).

We are experienced in measuring many different key RF parameters, including:

  • Noise figure
  • s-parameters, K-factor, group delay
  • Intermodulation distortion (IPx)
  • Spurious emissions, harmonics
  • Compression point (PxdB)
  • Error Vector Magnitude (EVM)
  • Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio (ACLR)
  • Sensitivity

Our lab is equipped with:

  • Vector Network Analyzer
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Signal generators
  • Power meter
  • Power supplies
  • Multimeters
  • Noise source / Faraday cage
  • Thermo streamer
  • and other specialized equipment

We operate using a small dedicated team that is familiar with designing and implementing new measurements. We are flexible in our way of working and are always looking for a new challenging measurement to perform.

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