Radio Frequency

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Radio frequency

In the world of electronic communication, there is an ever-increasing need for speed. We have a broad experience with all sorts of communication solutions, wired and wireless. We have designed complete frontend ZigBee radios for the popular 2.4GHz band, but we also work at higher bands for satellite communications, e.g. 15 GHz PLLs.

Not only have we created integrated broadband amplifiers from 400MHz to 2.7 GHz with 0.5W output power, we also develop Doherty power amplifiers with discrete LDMOS transistors up to 1 kW for 3G and LTE base stations. For all mobile applications, low-power is always a key aspect, just like low noise amplifiers for receivers.

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Integrated phased array antenna system

Mobile satellite communications on planes, boats or buses require low-profile antenna systems. The antenna systems used for such applications are usually electronically steered phased arrays.

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Integrated LNA + switches for smartphones

Multi-band integrated LNAs and switches for smartphones

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Doherty amplifier for base stations

The design of a high efficient RF power amplifier, as well 2- as 3-way doherty, with a frequency range from 700 MHz - 3 GHz.

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