Modular Solid State RF-energy Generator

Solid state cooking

The future of microwave heating

Microwave heating technology is close to a revolution. Solid state electronics can now deliver comparable power levels to magnetron tubes which have been the engine of the microwave ovens since the first products were launched. The new technology brings with it many new techniques that can significantly enhance the control of energy delivery.

Innovation that will change the user’s experience of cooking and heating 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach and, as with any technology, the critical factor in a successful product introduction lies in understanding the application-specific requirements. There is still place for both technologies, magnetron tubes and solid state transistors and the selection of the proper technology solution that meets demanding customer and infrastructure requirements can only be done in hands of qualified professionals.

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Our innovative reference design enables you to modernize your Microwave heating appliances and deliver dramatically improved results. Alternatively our RF power experts are ready to help you providing a solution based on your own custom specifications.

As RF-energy applications require an extreme control, efficiency, ruggedness and simplicity of operation, our modular solid state RF-Energy generator is specially designed for R&D development on such applications. It offers a monitoring capability and a high flexibility. The system is modular and customer configurable. Our latest development enables accurate and controlled scientific, medical and industrial experiments, based on Solid State Microwave technology. 

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