Latenium tm X-Ray detector readout system

Bruco Integrated Circuits has successfully developed the complete LateniumTM X-Ray detector readout evaluation system for G-ray Medical. During the project we supported our customer with the complete realization of the evaluation system and demo boards from PCB design and layout, FPGA code development and software design up to final system evaluation.

The challenging requirement was to have a compact design to be used for characterisation at G-ray and for technology demonstrator to be used for customer evaluation.


  • Stand-alone evaluation system of Sensor device
  • Full control over sensor device
  • Set timing parameters and settings for acquisition
  • Full sensor and timing control by using integrated FPGA
  • Full application support by integrated CPU
  • Debugging mode to analyse system behaviour
  • Status LEDs to indication system status
  • Data transfer via standard ethernet interface with workstation

 G-ray’s core product is a monolithic CMOS integrated pixel array detector, using a digital direct conversion mode.

This digital direct conversion mode:

  • minimises image blurring
  • allows energy discrimination
  • permits high speed readout
  • lowers dose procedures

More info about G-ray can be found here